Overview – Solar Energy Industries in India

Being one of the fastest growing industry not only in terms of Business, globally it is required to generate and use renewable energy instead of utilising Crude Oil or Coal. Renewable energy helps in balancing the environment and can be utilised by natural resources only. India also came up with the

Among the top 10 oil & Petroleum products importer in the world. The increased use of indigenous renewable resources is expected to reduce India’s dependence on expensive imported fossil fuels.

“Make in India” project with the help of Renewable energy, India has increased its capacity  from 2.5GW to 10.50GW in mere 3 years. Solar Energy  Not only environment friendly, solar energy is quite comparable with the fossil fuels.

India is continuing to develop the use of off-grid solar power for localized energy needs. India has a poor electrification rate in rural areas. In 2015, only 55% of all rural households had access to electricity, and 85% of rural households depended on solid fuel for cooking. Solar products like Solar Lanterns, Solar Cookers, Solar Water Heater, Solar Lights (Govt initiated with Solar Street Lights) cost of the Energy generation has gone down and helped the nature by least pollution.