The Agenda for the General Meeting

Dear Members,
The General Meeting of the Federation is convened as per schedule below.
Date: 9-04-2019 Time: 16:00
Venue: will decided

1. Welcome address by the President.
2. Executive Committee selection for the 19-20-year term
3. Election of the President and other positions within the Committee.
4. Form a committee to follow up matter with DISCOM, GEDA, GERC, EPD or any concern department related to solar projects.
5. For GST matters and live current issue.
6. Budget and Fees. /Renewal fees.

  • After the selection we should set the annual subscription.
  • Start with a low but realistic amount, allowing for legal proceedings, committee expenses and any other services to the members.
  • The bank may require a copy of the relevant minutes and specimen signatures.
  • All expenses must be accounted for and backed by receipts. It is best to seek the advice of a professional accountant/auditor to keep a check on the accounts. The members of the Committee do not usually get paid for their work but their expenses are reimbursed

7. Outline of the proposed future activities of the Committee, i.e. Meetings, social events, newsletter, publicity, list of Guides, lectures, outings, etc. Be modest with the aims until the Association is financially established. Remember that successful Committees are those who involve other members in helping with various activities such as mailing etc, creating sub-committees to deal with specific projects.
8. Any other suggestions for the future activities of the Association.
9. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.